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Institute Japan Italian Cooking Class Association

Associazione Scuola di Cucina Italiana in Giappone

An association founded in 2003 for Italian cooking classes and Italian food lovers.

In addition to researching traditional cuisine from various parts of Italy and training and supporting human resources

We carry out the Italian Cuisine Test, which is a certification system for the knowledge level of traditional Italian cuisine and wine.

We will contribute to the promotion of exchange between Japan and Italy through Italian cuisine.

ホーム: ようこそ!

The Italian cuisine certification of the Japan Italian Cuisine Association has been in place since 2008 and has been taken all over Japan.

Those who want to open an Italian cooking class in the future, or those who want to use their experience as a qualification after studying abroad for Italian cuisine,

It is the best qualification for those who are active as Italian cuisine researchers.

It is now supported by people in a wide range of industries, such as teachers of Italian cooking classes nationwide, chefs and sommeliers of Italian restaurants.

especiallyAt the Italian restaurant, the Italian cooking textbook of the Japan Italian Cooking Class Association is used as a textbook.Used for staff training.I want to deepen my knowledge,Staff and sommeliers working at Italian restaurantsI study every day.

An increasing number of Italian cooking classes offer programs that allow students to aim for the 3rd, 2nd, or 1st grade of the Italian Cooking Test.

Italy stretches from north to south, and the topography and climate vary from region to region. The 20 provinces in all have been unified for about 150 years, and their history is short. By learning the traditional cuisine of each of the 20 regions, you will be able to systematically understand Italian cuisine. Also, in order to understand traditional Italian cuisine, it is important to broaden your knowledge to include local specialties, formaggi, salumi, and wine. Local specialties always make an appearance in the recipes of the dishes. Knowledge of Italian eating habits is also important. Please learn these and hope for the Italian cuisine test.

​Open your own Italian restaurant or Italian cooking class or make your dreams come true.

each grade level

1st class

・Explain the characteristics of regional cuisine in each of the 20 states

・Understanding of Italian specialties such as formaggi and salumi

・Understand wine names, varieties, production areas, and their characteristics in various parts of Italy

・Be able to understand recipes written in Italian (1st grade, 2nd grade)

・Practical training credits at an accredited school are required

・Practice 100 menus (and 100 hours or more) of traditional dishes from all over Italy

・ Learn more than 50 types of wine from all over Italy

2nd class

・Understand typical dishes and their recipes

・Can explain cooking method names that appear on the menu

・It is possible to match representative ingredients, dishes and production areas

​・Practical credits required at an accredited school

・Practice 50 menus (and 50 hours or more) of traditional dishes from all over Italy

・ Learn more than 25 types of wine from all over Italy

Level 3

- Basic knowledge of Italian food habits, geography and climate

・It is possible to match the names of typical dishes in various parts of Italy with the provinces.

・Understand the names and origins of famous traditional dishes

Exam fee

3rd grade 19800 yen(tax included)

2nd grade 19800 yen(tax included)

​1 grade 27500 yen(tax included)


​Authorized by Japan Italian Cooking Class Association

Italian cuisine test

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