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Pre-certification Italian cuisine seminar (video viewing)

Sales price: 4-part configuration: 5,500 yen each (tax included) 4-part set: 19,800 yen (tax included)

The Japan Italian Cooking Class Association records the pattern of the preparatory seminar for the Italian cuisine test held in November every year and provides it for a fee.

2We held this event every year in response to the voice that it was difficult for one person to read and understand the Italian cooking test textbook with more than 00 pages.From 2022, you will be able to self-study with videos of online seminars.

The content of the course was divided into two days and explained over a total of eight hours.

While looking at the photos one by one in the power point materials, proceed along the textbook.

We explain the actual local situation, the appeal of local specialties and cuisine, wines and varieties, and more.

Valle d'Aosta is released as a trial viewing.

​ Please take a look.


Part 1 (2 hours)

​ Introduction

(How to use textbooks, food labeling, etc.)

  1. Valle d'aosta Valle d'Aosta

  2.  Piemonte

  3. Lombardia State of Lombardy

  4. Trentino-Alto Adige Trentino Alto Adige

Part 2 (2 hours)

  1. Veneto State of Veneto

  2. Friuli-Venezia Giulia

  3. Liguria State of Liguria

  4.  Emilia Romagna State of Emilia Romagna

Part 3(2 hours)

  1. Toscana State of Tuscany

  2. Umbria State of Umbria

  3. Lazio State of Lazio

  4. Campania State of Campania

  5. Marche Marche

  6.  Abruzzo

Part 4(2 hours)

  1. Molise State of Molise

  2. Puglia State of Puglia

  3. Basilicata State of Basilicata

  4. Calabria State of Calabria

  5. Sicilia State of Sicily

  6. Sardegna State of Sardinia

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