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Sale of Italian cooking textbooks


Italian Cooking Test Textbook 2023 Edition

The Japan Italian Cooking Class Association was established in 2003. The Italian Cooking School Association of Japan is organized by Italian cooking classes and Italian food enthusiasts from all over Japan. Since 2008, we have been conducting the Italian Cuisine Researcher Certification Examination with the aim of introducing traditional Italian cuisine in a form that is as close as possible to authentic Italian cuisine, teaching Italian cuisine correctly, and cultivating instructors. Since 2015, the name has been revised to Italian Cuisine Test. This book was compiled as a textbook for this Italian cuisine test. Italy stretches from north to south, and the topography and climate vary from region to region. The 20 states in total have been unified for only about 150 years, and each state has its own national identity. Therefore, the cuisine differs from state to state. By learning the traditional cuisine of each of the 20 regions, you will be able to systematically understand Italian cuisine. In order to understand traditional Italian cuisine, it is essential to know the specialties of the region. Local specialties always make an appearance in the recipes of the dishes. It is equally important to extend your knowledge to formaggi, salumi and wine. However, seeing is believing, and as the saying goes, the best thing is to actually see and taste the authentic Italian taste locally. Because of this necessity, this book is written in Italian as much as possible for the names of dishes, ingredients, and wines so that it can serve as an instruction manual. The book describes the 20 states state by state. Specialties are classified as formaggi, salumi (ham, salami), olive oil and other specialties. DOP-certified items are listed at the beginning of the book. After confirming the name on each state's DOP list, refer to the front page for details. The Slow Food Association recognizes endangered foods from all over the world as Presidio, etc. and carries out conservation activities. In this document, Presidio certified items are marked with an asterisk (*). Learn the background of Italian cuisine in this book and hope for Italian cuisine certification.

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